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How EMS Uniforms Make Your Day Safer

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The last thing that an EMS professional thinks when they put on their uniform to head to work is how safe they are from the things they will encounter in their work environment. The good news is that manufacturers of EMS uniforms are thinking about this for you and there are several ways that today's technology makes your clothes safer.

To understand just how technology is helping to provide protection, let's take a closer look at the different options in EMS uniforms we stock at U.S. Uniform & Supply that have some significant safety features.

Teflon Coated Fabrics

Teflon coating on fabrics offers several benefits. One of the most appreciated by our EMS customers is the resistance of this fabric to stains. While this is a nice feature, it also helps to reduce the risk of contaminants soaking into the fabric and making contact with your skin.

As you know, in your job you may have you going into situations where you may be exposed to various bodily fluids or where gas, oil, chemicals or other organic or inorganic materials are present. When these materials are repelled from your clothing, it is healthier for you and helps to reduce cross-contamination concerns.

Reinforced Pockets

For carrying medical devices, scissors, and other sharp objects, reinforced pockets also help to protect you from accidental injuries or injuries when bending, flexing and moving.

The pockets are also designed to firmly hold equipment in place, limiting the items moving around a larger "cargo" type of pocket and resulting injuries. While this may not seem like a big advantage to the average person, you know from experience that when you know your equipment is always right where you reach it also allows you to keep your eyes on what you are doing and not waste valuable seconds searching for your tools.

If you need assistance with any information on EMS uniforms, give us a call. We can assist you in getting the right pants, shirts, and accessories to make your job easier and safer!

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